Adam & Marilyn go to Japan

In April of 2014, my wife Marilyn and I went to Japan for the first time. We planned our trip to enjoy cherry blossom season while exploring Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo for two weeks.

This is a 26-part series

2-3 hours 754 photos

  1. The Plan

    2-weeks in Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo.

  2. Day 1: Travel from Orlando to Kyōto (京都)

    Narita Airport, Shinkansen, Kyoto & a late-night snack.

  3. Day 2: A Food & Sake Tour Through Fushimi Market

    Kyōto, Fushimi market guided tour.

  4. Day 2: Fushimi Inari

    Kyōto, Fushimi Inari-taisha, 伏見稲荷大社, 1,000 torii gates.

  5. Day 3: Nishiki Market

    Kyōto, Nishiki Market.

  6. Day 3: Kiyomizu-dera Temple

    Kyōto, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Pure water temple

  7. Day 3: Gion (祇園)

    Kyōto, Gion, 祇園, Maiko performance, Tea Ceremony, Gion Corner.

  8. Day 4: Nijo Castle

    Kyōto, Nijo Castle, rain, cherry & plum blossoms.

  9. Day 4: Kyoto Imperial Castle Gardens

    Kyōto, Imperial Castle Gardens, 京都御所.

  10. Day 4: The Busy Streets of Osaka

    Osaka, Shinsaibashi, Namba, takoyaki, okonomiyaki.

  11. Day 5: Nara, Japans First Capital

    Kyōto, Nara, deer, Kasuga Taisha, Todai-ji Temple.

  12. Day 6: Travel to Hakone

    Kyōto, Shinkansen, Odawara, Hakone & a ryokaan.

  13. Day 6: Our First Ryokan Experience

    Hakone, Ryokan, yukata’s & omakase.

  14. Day 7: Exploring the Mountains and Lakes of Hakone

    Hakone, Owakudani, Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Jinja, smelt & boiled eggs.

  15. Day 8: Traveling From Hakone to Tokyo

    Hakone, Odawara, Tokyo & Meguro.

  16. Day 8: Exploring Shibuya

    Tokyo, Shibuya & the Yamanote line.

  17. Day 8: Eating and Drinking in Tokyo

    Tokyo, Park Hyatt, Izakaya & cocktails at Bar Ishinohana.

  18. Day 9: The Feel Harajuku

    Tokyo, Harajuku, Tonkatsu, crepes, Yoyogi Park & Meriji Shrine.

  19. Day 10: Ueno Park

    Tokyo, Ueno Park, cherry blossoms, hanami & street food.

  20. Day 10: Akihabara

    Tokyo, Akihabara & arcades.

  21. Day 11: Embracing Awe at the Ghibli Museum

    Tokyo, Mitaka & the Studio Ghibli Museum.

  22. Day 12: The Luxurious Ginza District

    Tokyo, Ginza & a Kabuki Show.

  23. Day 13: Tsukiji Fish Market

    Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market & breakfast sushi.

  24. Day 13: Robot Restaurant

    Tokyo, Shinjuku & a crazy show at Robot Restaurant.

  25. Day 14: Back to Orlando!

    Tokyo, Ippudo Ramen & a flight back to Orlando.

  26. Japan – Takeaways

    What you should expect and plan for.

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