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Written by Adam on 2020-05-04. Find out how I make money.

Here’s a look at all calculators and interactive articles here on Minafi.


Rule of 72 Calculator – Quick calculator to help estimate how long it takes to double your money.

Exponential Growth Calculator – A calculator that uses current investments, amount of time, and rate of growth to determine a future value. You can solve for any variable with this one too!

Bonus Tax Calculator – Put in your bonus amount to get an estimate of how much you’ll pay in taxes on it.

ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) Calculator – Figure out how much you can contribute to an ESPP, how much you’ll likely pay in taxes and whether it’s a good deal or not.

Financial Independence With Options Calculator – Calculate your FIO number – financial independence with options.

Retirement Simulator – A Monte Carlo simulator for testing your retirement plan by running thousands of scenarios based on your asset allocation and sample data from past years.

FI Number With State and Federal Taxes Calculator – How much you need to reach FI isn’t 25x your income – it’s 25x time your income after taxes. This calculator adjusts your FI number with state and local taxes in mind.

Interactive Articles

An Interactive Guide to Early Retirement and Financial Independence – A choose-your-own-adventure article that helps set a path for financial independence based on your specific numbers.

An Interactive Guide to Portfolio Diversification – A visualization of why portfolio diversification can help achieve better returns than focusing on a single asset class.

The Periodic Table of FIRE! – The 118 topics that everyone learning about FIRE should know.

Data Analysis and Explorations

The Gender Pay Gap Told Through Data From the Finance Blogging Community – A look at how men and women’s income, spending and financial independence plans differ based on gender.

Data Says the Millennial Early Retirement Age is 40 – Here’s How They Could Do It – Analysis of 10k people pursuing financial independence shows most millennials could retire by 40. Here’s what they’ll need to do to make it happen.


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