Day 14: Back to Orlando!

Day 14: Back to Orlando!

Tokyo, Ippudo Ramen & a flight back to Orlando.


By Adam May 10, 2014

Even though we were set to leave on this day (Saturday), our flight wouldn’t leave until midnight, leaving the entire day open for exploration. We decided to take it easy, staying somewhat close to the hotel where our bags were stashed.

We spent the day on the east side of Tokyo – doing a bit more shopping in Harajuku, having takoyaki and hitting up a ramen spot that we’d heard a lot about.

Ippudo Ramen – 博多一風堂

One place I absolutely wanted to go to while in Japan was to an Ippudo Ramen, a Japanese ramen chain that has spread to New York, China and elsewhere.

Famous for its Hokkaido style ramen, our meal was delicious and fresh. Coming in on a Saturday morning in the Ebisu district, we were surrounded by families out for a well priced lunch sitting alongside businessmen stopping in for lunch at the counter.

I’d like to say I have a good idea of which ramen we had was the best on our trip, but in all honestly they were all delicious. The Tonkotsu was surely the most fatty and difficult to digest, but all were satisfying.

Delicious ramen

Delicious ramen.

Ramen sides

Fresh garlic at your table.


Finally tried some takoyaki.

Takoyaki screenshot

Takoyaki video screenshot.

School entrance

A school that Marilyn confused with a prison.

The Flight

At midnight we took off back for Orlando, saying goodbye to Tokyo and Japan.

Adam ready to go home.

After another 25 hours we were back to Orlando, picked up our puppy and finally got to enjoy our own bed.

Although this was the end of the trip, there’s one more article in this series! All of my takeaways and recommendations from this trip rolled up into a single post.

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