Day 13: Robot Restaurant

Day 13: Robot Restaurant

Tokyo, Shinjuku & a crazy show at Robot Restaurant.


By Adam May 10, 2014

When it comes to the crazy side of Japan, we knew we wanted to do something. We’d seen shrines and a lot of natural beauty, but nothing on the cheesy side – and that’s what Robot Restaurant is.

Nestled in a district filled with love hotels, Robot Restaurant is what Americans think Japanese entertainment should be. Teppanyaki, the Japanese style of food where a chef grills your food right in front of you, was started in the 1940s to introduce foreigners to Japanese style food in a non-intimidating manner. We felt this show had a similar goal of catering to foreigners.

The show itself was… interesting. The amount of lights, loud sounds and scantily clad women was more than I could have imagined. What kind of show was it? It started with 12 women taiko drumming, followed by my favorite song from Nausicaa being sung, followed by robot battles and dancing thown in.


Part of the finale.

Confused Adam

Adan looking confused.


The entrance to the restaurant.

Drums screenshot

Drums screenshot

Robot horse

Robots and a horse.


Two groups like this were playing drums on separate platforms.

Adam and Marilyn

We got glowsticks.


This guy was playing the piano.

Robots and lights

Robots and lights.

Not sure

I have no idea what was going on here.

Nausicaa video screenshot

Nausicaa video screenshot

Path to the show

The walk down to the show.

If you go, I recommend drinking heavily – you’ll enjoy it more that way. The venue is chaotic enough that the hostesses have limited time to serve patrons.

This was the perfect way to wrap up our trip. We were set to leave the next day to head back to Orlando.

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