Day 4: Kyoto Imperial Castle Gardens

Day 4: Kyoto Imperial Castle Gardens

Kyōto, Imperial Castle Gardens, 京都御所.


By Adam May 10, 2014

Kyoto Imperial Castle Gardens – 京都御所

A few blocks from Nijo Castle sits the Imperial Palace. Stretching almost a kilometer, it offers a tranquil spot to get away from the streets of Kyoto. In order to get inside the palace, you’ll need to make a reservation, but anyone can walk into the gardens. We arrived just as the plum blossoms were in full bloom. These bloom just before the cherry blossoms, but to me were the more beautiful in their colors and diversity.

Plum blossom tree

A huge and beautiful plum blossom tree.

Marilyn plum blossom

Marilyn under the plum blossoms.

This plum blossom was massive and in full bloom.


Moss working its way into a tree.

Hanging blossoms

Bright blossoms.

Blossom ready

Blossoms preparing to bloom.

Stone walkway

I wonder how old this walkway is?

White flower

This was the most perfect flower I found.

At this point we were soaked from walking around in the rain all morning. We headed back to our hotel to dry out and prepare to take the train down to Osaka for a lively evening.

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