How We Plan to Spend $80,000 a Year & Pay Nearly $0 Taxes

I'm always interested to hear how other people are minimizing their tax liability after retirement. Here is my personal strategy that we'll be using to reduce our taxes to nearly zero when we stop working. This approach sounds unrealistic, but you might be able to hit $0 in taxes too!

September 3, 2018. 9 min read. 18 Comments
Why I Avoid Dividends Like the Plague
Why I Avoid Dividends Like the Plague

Dividends may seem like a free money, but if you're not prepared for it you'll be caught with an unexpected tax-burden at the end of the year. My own investing strategy relies on both reducing dividend in taxable accounts and embracing them tax-advantaged ones. This allocation helps to cut taxes to the bone.

August 13, 2018. 6 min read. 7 Comments