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The Minimal Investor

Learn everything you need to know to invest for the rest of your life.

Basic Difficulty

2-3 hours Duration

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What to Expect From This Course

Learn everything you need to know to invest for the rest of your life.

This course consists of:

  • 1 Activity (30 minutes)
  • 9 Articles (about 2 hours)

You can complete it in about 2-3 hours, or you can spend an hour a week for 3 weeks.

About the Author

By Adam

Hi, I'm Adam! I help millennials invest to reach financial independence sooner than they ever thought possible. Want to see what you could do to reach FI sooner? You're in the right place!

About This Course

A Minimal Investor is someone who…

  • Understands the why behind every investment they’re invested in.
  • Invests in the minimal number of funds needed for diversification.
  • Reduces financial advisor fees to their minimum.
  • Reduces expense ratio fees to their minimum.
  • Reduce time spent thinking about and organizing investments to a minimum.
  • Reduces taxes to their minimum.

The result of these simple guidelines is that you’ll only be invested in things you know what they are and why you’d want to invest in them. You’ll know you aren’t getting ripped off because you understand every investment. But most importantly, you’ll know enough about investing to confidently invest for the rest of your life in this minimal style.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

During this course you’ll learn how to make informed informed investments on your own without a financial advisor.

After completing this course, you’ll understand the why behind your investments and feel comfortable making them on your own.

In the months and years following this course, you’ll become more and more familiar managing your own investments, rebalancing as needed and not stressing out when the market fluctuates.

The Structure of This Course

This course was originally created as an email course with one lesson each week. We start with the basics, and continue to build a great foundation for investing. The great thing is that being a Minimal Investor isn’t complicated, and takes minimum work.

In each lesson, you’ll have tasks to accomplish in order to follow along. You’ll learn how to open an investment account, how to choose funds for it, how to invest those funds and manage them. We’ll be using Vanguard for this and walking through the process step by step.

In these ten lessons, you’ll learn a lot – but only if you follow along and participate in the activities.

My Journey as a Minimal Investor

When I was 23 years old, my mom passed away. I inherited $100,000 and a financial advisor at the bank where the money was. I didn’t even know how to transfer money between banks, so I just kept it where it was and let the advisor make the decisions for me.

For years, I asked “why?” for everything he did and slowly learned the basics. I learned just how much he was charging me in fees, and it made me sick to my stomach (advisory fees can eat up as much as 30% of gains each year!). Eventually, I read a book that gave me an amazing investing foundation ( The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing ) and started to invest small amounts on my own.

I continued investing small amounts as I earned money for 2 more years – developing an understanding of the various investment rules, fees, and terms. In the 12 years since then, I grew this $100,000 to over $1,000,000 in large part due to the simple strategies here. This isn’t a course about how to pick “hot” stocks, but how to get rich slowly by making calculated decisions with time on your side. This 10-week course boils down what took me 2 years to learn on my own into 10 weeks of hands-on activities.