My Personal Goals Review for Q2 2018

In Q2 I set very ambitious goals - explore Utah, be healthy, make money, draw more visitors to Minafi. In retrospect, my wording on these goals didn't align with what excites me most - creating and teaching. Here's how I did on these goals and what I learned from the experience.

July 2, 2018. 14 min read. 3 Comments
cello at concert
Mastery is a Trap

You don't need to be a master to accomplish your goals. Spending all of your time perfecting one aspect can hold you back when you need a diverse skill set to delivery.

April 23, 2018. 8 min read. 0 Comments
March 2018 Goals Review – Slow Movement

For March, I concentrated on trying public transportation in Salt Lake City to see if I enjoyed using it as part of my everyday schedule. This meant taking anywhere from 2 public legs to 7 on a single day. It quickly revealed what I like and what I don't like about travel.

March 30, 2018. 8 min read. 1 Comment
Use Buffett’s 25/5 Technique to Prioritize Personal Goals

In a conversation between Warren Buffett and his Pilot, Buffett recommended a strategy to help prioritization that always stuck with me. It's simple, clean and helps get to the heart of what you should be working on. I've used this technique a number of times, and for each, it has helped me focus.

March 26, 2018. 6 min read. 3 Comments
Minafi Vision and Mission

What’s this site all about anyway? Well, if you want to know that, you’re better off reading the about page, which goes into who I am (hi! I’m Adam!) and why I’m writing about these topics. This page is a little different. It’s a focus on what guides the content. Having a clear vision is important for […]

March 26, 2018. 4 min read. 0 Comments
Be Mindful of False Productivity

Have you ever intended to do something productive, but then life got in the way? Here are some ways you can become more mindful of these moments to improve your focus.

March 8, 2018. 4 min read. 2 Comments