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Financial independence is gaining momentum! Nearly every day another major papers, news outlets or other publications does a write up about retiring early. Whenever these make the rounds I add them here!

FIRE in the news

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Adam Says: All articles here are found by me or other Minafi readers. Have you found an article not listed here? Submit it to Minafi!

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Morningstar - Confessions of a Former 'FIRE' Skeptic

Published June 26, 2020.

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Forbes - Want To Live Longer? Retire Early

Published July 8, 2019.

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BBC - The man who leases out his life

Published November 18, 2018.

Forbes - The FIRE Movement: Is It Right For Your Client?

Published November 9, 2018.

October 2018

The Cut - I'm 30 and Planning on Retiring in 10 Years

Published October 25, 2018.

CNBC - How to retire early – very early

Published October 13, 2018.

September 2018

CNN Money - She retired at 28 with $2.25 million

Published September 21, 2018.

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