MAAGX : MFS Aggressive Growth Allocation Fund Class A

MAAGX is a Allocation Market All-In-One with LOW fees.


MFS Aggressive Growth Allocation Fund Class A

FI Score

72 /100

Expense Ratio Rating

9 /10

Expense Rating

6 /10

Market Score

8 /10

Category Score

5 /10

Market Size

8 /10

72% FI Score
  • maagx
  • Mutual Fund
  • Allocation
  • All-In-One

MFS Aggressive Growth Allocation Fund Class A

Expenses: 0.38% (Better than 1% of similar funds)

This is an OK choice for a All-In-One Allocation fund. See why ยป

Fund Summary

The investment seeks a high level of total return consistent with an aggressive level of risk relative to the other MFS Asset Allocation Funds. The fund is designed to provide diversification among different asset classes by investing its assets in other mutual funds advised by the adviser referred to as underlying funds. Within the stock fund allocations, the adviser seeks to diversify by geography (by including domestic and international underlying funds), in terms of market capitalization (by including large, mid, and small capitalization underlying funds), and by style (by including both growth and value underlying funds).

Largest Holdings

Amount Holding
13.53% MFS Growth R6
12.84% MFS Value R6
10.19% MFS Mid Cap Growth R6
9.81% MFS Mid Cap Value R6
9.13% MFS Research R6
8.14% MFS International Intrinsic Value R6
8.03% MFS International Growth R6
7.90% MFS Research International R6
4.82% MFS Global Real Estate R6
4.52% MFS Commodity Strategy R6
3.95% MFS International New Discovery R6
2.59% MFS New Discovery R6
2.49% MFS New Discovery Value R6
1.92% MFS Emerging Markets Equity R6

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