JALAX : John Hancock Funds II Multimanager Lifestyle Aggressive Portfolio Class A

JALAX is a Allocation Market All-In-One with MODERATE fees.


John Hancock Funds II Multimanager Lifestyle Aggressive Portfolio Class A

FI Score

71 /100

Expense Ratio Rating

8 /10

Expense Rating

5 /10

Market Score

9 /10

Category Score

5 /10

Market Size

9 /10

71% FI Score
  • jalax
  • Mutual Fund
  • Allocation
  • All-In-One

John Hancock Funds II Multimanager Lifestyle Aggressive Portfolio Class A

Expenses: 0.49% (Better than 1% of similar funds)

This is an OK choice for a All-In-One Allocation fund. See why ยป

Fund Summary

The investment seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund normally invests approximately 100% of its assets in underlying funds that invest primarily in equity securities. It may have an equity/fixed-income underlying fund allocation of 90%/10%. The fund may invest in various actively managed underlying funds that, as a group, hold a wide range of equity-type securities. These include small-, mid-, and large-capitalization stocks; domestic and foreign securities (including emerging-market securities); and sector holdings. The fund is non-diversified.

Largest Holdings

Amount Holding
7.93% JHancock International Stra Eq Allc NAV
6.90% JHancock Blue Chip Growth NAV
6.74% JHancock Emerging Markets Equity NAV
6.65% JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Core NAV
6.25% JHancock Equity Income NAV
5.32% JHancock Disciplined Value Intl NAV
5.27% JHFunds2 Mid Value NAV
5.25% JHFunds2 Mid Cap Stock NAV
5.07% JHancock U.S. Sector Rotation NAV
4.14% JHFunds2 Capital Appreciation NAV
3.92% JHancock International Growth NAV
3.86% JHFunds2 Capital Appreciation Value NAV
3.76% JHancock Disciplined Value NAV
3.05% JHancock International Small Company NAV
2.95% JHancock Diversified Real Assets NAV
2.25% JHancock Global Thematic Opps NAV
2.20% JHancock Multifactor Em Mkts ETF
2.05% JHancock Small Cap Growth NAV
1.99% JHancock Small Cap Value NAV
1.85% JHancock Small Cap Core NAV
1.69% JHancock Global Equity NAV
1.63% JHFunds2 Health Sciences NAV
1.39% JHancock Financial Industries NAV
1.39% JHancock International Dynamic Gr NAV
1.35% JHFunds2 Science & Technology NAV

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