BGB : Blackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund

BGB is a Bond Market High Yield Bond with HIGH fees.


Blackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund

FI Score

3 /100

Expense Ratio Rating

0 /10

Expense Rating

0 /10

Market Score

1 /10

Category Score

0 /10

Market Size

1 /10

  • bgb
  • Mutual Fund
  • Bond
  • High Yield Bond

Blackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund

Expenses: 3.72% (Better than 0% of similar funds)

This is a bad choice for a High Yield Bond Bond fund. See why ยป

Fund Summary

Largest Holdings

Amount Holding
1.42% Gigamon, Inc., First Lien Initial
1.05% Carestream Health, Inc., Second Lien Extended
1.01% Curvature, Inc., First Lien Initial
0.99% American Bath Group Llc, First Lien 2018 Replacement
0.97% Netsmart Technologies, Inc., First Lien D-1
0.93% Advantage Sales & Marketing, Inc., Second Lien
0.92% Ellie Mae, Inc., First Lien
0.88% Aqgen Ascensus, Inc., First Lien Replacement
0.87% Hillman Group, Inc., First Lien Initial
0.86% Weld North Education Llc, First Lien Initial
0.85% Vyaire Medical, Inc., First Lien
0.84% Quest Software Us Holdings, Inc., Second Lien Initial
0.82% Srs Distribution, Inc., First Lien Initial
0.76% Composite Resins Holding B.V., First Lien Initial
0.72% Surveymonkey, Inc., First Lien
0.68% Quidditch Acquisition, Inc., First Lien B
0.68% Avaya, Inc., First Lien Tranche B
0.67% Lifepoint Health, Inc., First Lien B
0.67% Alku Llc, First Lien B
0.65% Interior Logic Group Holdings Iv Llc, First Lien Initial
0.65% Granite Acquisition, Inc., Second Lien B
0.65% Terrier Media Buyer, Inc., First Lien B
0.64% Mood Media Corp 0%
0.62% Phoenix Guarantor, Inc., First Lien Tranche B-1
0.62% Ivanti Software, Inc., First Lien

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