ABYCX : Abbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund Class C

ABYCX is a Alternatives Market Future with HIGH fees.


Abbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund Class C

FI Score

32 /100

Expense Ratio Rating

1 /10

Expense Rating

0 /10

Market Score

8 /10

Category Score

0 /10

Market Size

8 /10

32% FI Score
  • abycx
  • Mutual Fund
  • Alternatives
  • Future

Abbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund Class C

Expenses: 2.79% (Better than 0% of similar funds)

This is a bad choice for a Future Alternatives fund. See why ยป

Fund Summary

The investment seeks long-term capital appreciation; current income is a secondary objective. The fund allocates its assets between a "Managed Futures" strategy and a "Fixed Income" strategy. The Managed Futures strategy will be achieved by the fund investing up to 25% of its total assets in a wholly-owned and controlled subsidiary of the fund. The Fixed Income strategy invests the fund's assets primarily in investment grade fixed income securities (of all durations and maturities) in order to generate interest income and capital appreciation, which may add diversification to the returns generated by the fund's Managed Futures strategy. It is non-diversified.

Largest Holdings

Amount Holding
14.47% US Treasury 10-yrJun-20
8.48% US Treasury Bond Future June 20
6.22% 5 Year Treasury Note Future June 20
4.15% London Gilt 10-Yrjun-20
3.61% SGX 10 Year Mini Japanese Government Bond Future June 20
3.46% 10 Year Government of Canada Bond Future June 20
3.18% Euro Bobl Future June 20
2.82% 10 Year Australian Treasury Bond Future June 20
2.53% Gold Future June 20
1.85% Euro OAT Future June 20
1.74% Long-Term Euro BTP Future June 20
1.49% Euro Buxl Future June 20
1.47% Euro Schatz Future June 20
1.33% Ultra US Treasury Bond Future June 20
1.11% US Treasury 2-yrJun-20
1.09% E-mini Nasdaq 100 Future June 20
1.09% Dax Future June 20

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