AABFX : Thrivent Balanced Income Plus Fund Class A

AABFX is a Allocation Market All-In-One with HIGH fees.


Thrivent Balanced Income Plus Fund Class A

FI Score

32 /100

Expense Ratio Rating

4 /10

Expense Rating

0 /10

Market Score

4 /10

Category Score

5 /10

Market Size

4 /10

32% FI Score
  • aabfx
  • Mutual Fund
  • Allocation
  • All-In-One

Thrivent Balanced Income Plus Fund Class A

Expenses: 1.04% (Better than 0% of similar funds)

This is a bad choice for a All-In-One Allocation fund. See why ยป

Fund Summary

The investment seeks long-term total return through a balance between income and the potential for long-term capital growth. Under normal circumstances, the fund invests 25-75% in equity securities and 25-75% in debt securities. The equity securities in which the fund invests may include common stock, preferred stock, securities convertible into common stock, or securities or other instruments the price of which is linked to the value of common stock.

Largest Holdings

Amount Holding
7.32% Thrivent Core Emerging Markets Debt
1.51% Euro Stoxx 50 Future June 20
1.27% Microsoft Corp
1.26% E-mini S&P 500 Future June 20
0.93% Apple Inc
0.80% Amazon.com Inc
0.64% E-mini Russell 2000 Index Future June 20
0.54% Cisco Systems Inc
0.51% Johnson & Johnson
0.49% Centurylink Inc. Term Loan
0.49% Alphabet Inc A
0.45% Fnma Pass-Thru I 3.5%
0.45% Global Medical Response Inc. Term Loan
0.44% Prime Security Services Borrower Llc Term Loan
0.44% Federal National Mortgage Association 2.5%
0.43% Scientific Games International Inc. Term Loan
0.40% 1011778 B.C. Llc Term Loan
0.40% Coral-Us Co-Borrower Llc Term Loan
0.39% Roche Holding AG Dividend Right Cert.
0.39% Verizon Communications Inc
0.39% Federal National Mortgage Association 2%
0.38% Radiate Holdco Llc Term Loan
0.38% Rackspace Hosting Inc. Term Loan
0.38% Novartis AG
0.38% Csc Holdings Llc Term Loan

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