2.3. Plan Your Perfect Week in Retirement Today

Goal of this lesson: What would you do if you could plan out every minute of every day? Would you schedule activities, leisure or work? I recently tried an exercise which helped me understand what’s most important for me to focus on. Try it for yourself and see what would make up your perfect week.



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I’m not retiring any time soon, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my ideal schedule (and life) lately. We’re leaving in less than two weeks for a 3-year expat assignment in Shanghai where I’ll have significantly more time (due to having a driver, household help, and my youngest starting Kindergarten).

I love how you connected your ideal schedule to your goals. Now I need to go back to that goal list I made after reading your 101 goals post and see what I can do to tie them into my daily schedule to help create the life I really want.

And seriously, I can’t believe I still haven’t read the Morning Miracle book yet. I’m sure it will be right up my alley. Maybe I’ll download it for the plane ride :).

Miracle Morning is really good! I think with your move to China that could be a great time to try it. Your sleep schedule will be so far out of whack after that flight it’ll be easy to slip into something new.

The idea of relating the week back to long-term goals was both good and bad. It was good in that many did map up, but bad in that it made me realize just how many things weren’t possible. Good exercise though!

Love this idea. It’s a big piece of my free email course on my blog. Planning your perfect day or week helps us to figure out our priorities and determine the best way to spend money.

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