Plan Your Future

Make a plan for how you'll invest your time going forward.

Intermediate Difficulty

2-3 hours Duration

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What to Expect From This Course

Make a plan for how you'll invest your time going forward.

This course consists of:

  • 9 Articles (about 2 hours)
  • 1 Activity (about 1 hour)

You can complete it in about 2-3 hours, or you can spend an hour a week for 3 weeks.

About the Author

By Adam

Hi, I'm Adam! I help millennials invest to reach financial independence sooner than they ever thought possible. Want to see what you could do to reach FI sooner? You're in the right place!

About This Course

Getting your investments settled is an amazing first step. At some point your investments can start to coast on autopilot, only requiring a few minutes of upkeep a year.

This course focuses on the other side of future planning – understanding how much money you need, what you want to do with your time and developing a long-term money mindset.

Each is a core part of a well-rounded future where money plays a part but is not the most important.

Minafi - The intersection of FI, minimalism & mindfulness.

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