The Woke Investor – Investing Tips For When You’re Already Awesome

What do you do with your investments after everything is optimized? It’s a hard struggle for these woke investors. Trying to find things to improve on when life is perfect is hard. This course will help you highlight areas you’ve never thought about improving.

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I’ve realized it’s time for a follow up to my email course, The Minimal Investor. Too many people are just learning too much from it and starting to ask questions like:

  • I’m doing everything perfectly, what should I do now?
  • I’m perfectly diversified, how can I be more diversified?
  • All my debt is paid off. What can I payoff next?
  • I completely understand my tax situation and have minimized them going forward, but how can I pay nothing?
  • I’m maxing out every account and setting money aside after that. What else can I do?
The Woke Investor
The Woke Investor

It’s a hard life for some people, I know. These are people who are easily avoiding the 11 mistakes made my first-time investors and are instead challenging themselves to improve. Once you make it to this nirvana state of investing, personal growth becomes difficult. That’s why I’ve designed this course to help these “struggling investors”.

If you’ve reached this stage in our financial journey, then you’re ready for my next course – The Woke Investor.

The Woke Investor

In The Woke Investor, you’ll receive an email a week for 4 weeks. Each week will celebrate how awesome you are about one part of investing and give a recommendation on how to be even better at it. Sometimes the next step to getting better at investing is to do absolutely nothing – or something completely unrelated to money.

That’s the focus of this course.

The Woke Investor isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re fortunate enough to be doing everything perfectly and are looking for a next step, you may receive advice you’re unfamiliar with. This could mean you have to learn and do something. Just a warning for those who might be unprepared.

The Woke Investor

Investing tips for when you’re already awesome.

Note: The Woke Investor has been discontinued, but you can still sign up The Minimal Investor.

So Wait, This is Real?

Is April 1st real?

In this email course, I’ll send you an email a week for the entire month of April (Financial Literacy Month) with a few quick tips to help you become more woke about investing. I don’t want to give them all away but here are a few highlights.

Week 1: Remember back when we worried about expense ratios for our funds? Man, that was a stressful time. Look for the Golden Ratio somewhere in your daily life today.

Week 2: Your funds are diversified, but what about your refrigerator? Are you accurately representing world cuisine?

Week 3: Sure, your high-interest debt might be paid off, but don’t you owe your significant other or best friend a fun night out?

Week 4: It’s a good thing all of your funds are placed in tax-efficient accounts. Can you say the same thing about how your dresser drawers and closet are organized?

For each week, there may be links to relevant articles (some on Minafi, some elsewhere) that hit on the topics of the day. Woke investors will already know everything about it of course, but this is a good reminder of how awesome we are.

Are you woke and ready? 


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I was hoping for some advice on how to optimize my toilet time for highest toilet returns.

Lol, the importance of fiber in a well stocked pantry is unappreciated.

Lol this is a good one! Replying to the above comment as well, yeah Adam! We need more articles on how to efficiently use toilet paper in a minimalistic yet money savvy fashion to reach FI faster!!

Haha, I’ll have to cover reducing TP on my new frugal blog.

Yes! Exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait, thanks Adam!

Haehulljal! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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