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If you're a teacher or a student you can get access to Minafi forever for free.

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How It Works

It's simple. If you're actively a teacher at a school, college or university you get full access to Minafi for free. If you're a student at a school, college or university you get access to Minafi for free.
100% free, forever. If you stop teaching or going to school you don't lose access. You'll keep it forever.

What You'll Get

You'll get a "Full Member" account that grants you access to join the Community, and view all courses and content here on Minafi. You'll be able to go through the Minafi Investor Bootcamp at your own pace.
For both accounts you'll also get a Minafi accounts to giveaway too! You can give this to a spouse, family member, roomate, friend – anyone you think would benfit from it. They don't have to be a teacher or student.
If you are a teacher and want to give out a bunch of accounts to students, please reach out and we can arrange that.
There is only one limitation for this account: it doesn't come with an in-person coaching call. Unlike a website, this one doesn't scale with my time unfortunately. I would encourage you to join the Minafi Slack community after you join though and ask any question you have there!

How Do I Join as a Teacher/Student for Free?

Go ahead and fill out my contact form and mention free access to Minafi. Please answer these three questions in your message:
  • Which are you – a teacher or a student?
  • Where do you teach or go to school?
  • What do you teach or go to school for?
  • What are you hoping to learn here on Minafi?
That's it! I try to reply as soon as possible to these requests and almost always reply within a day unless I'm traveling. Look for a quick response!

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