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Written by Adam on 2018-11-04. Find out how I make money.

The Focused Investor Series is a weekly article on Minafi. It’s a chance for investors to share their unique experience investing in a personable manner.

That’s the goal: to make investing personable while sharing your knowledge and experience. Because the goal is to be personable, anyone who participates in this series agrees to talk some about their own experience and share a photo of themselves.

If you want to contribute to The Focused Investor Series, you’re welcome to contribute! Reach out to me with a paragraph with answers to the following three parts. If it sounds like a good fit for Minafi, we can talk about flushing out the rest of it then posting it here!

Here are the three parts that make up every post on The Focused Investor.

About You

This must include a photo of the author. If you blog anonymously it can be a photo from behind or something obscured, but there needs to be a photo for readers to connect with.

The goal of this section is to make investing personable by telling some of your story. This includes a photo, story of what got you into investing and a little bit about where you are today. No specific numbers needed, but mentioning your experience is a plus.

Share A Core Investing Opinion

Pick a topic or opinion that you want to focus on for this post. This could be anything, but it should be something you have experience with and can speak to as an authority. It doesn’t need to be some advanced investing topic either! It could be sometime as simple as “invest in index funds” up to “the best tax strategy for military retirees looking for health insurance while living abroad”. In other words – talk about what you know.

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • What is a core opinion about investing that you hold dear?
  • What is the opinion?
    • Go into it in as much time as needed to fully explain the concept. Preferably over multiple paragraphs, with headers for subtopics.
  • Who is this opinion/topic important to?
    • Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?Specific income level?Specific job or accounts available?
  • Who shouldn’t look into this topic?
  • Why is this topic important to you?
  • Why are you the one to write about this topic?
  • Why do you think others should care and take action on this?
  • What would you tell someone getting started on this topic?

As for what topics to cover – it could be anything that deals with building wealth – stocks, bonds, real estate – anything where you can invest money and make a return on that investment. Actually the return is optional! If you have a core opinion that is a net loss (ex: investing in social good over profit) that’s great too.

Give Tips for a Beginner Investing

If you were starting to invest today, what tips would you have for yourself? Hearing this from multiple people coming at it from different angles can help shed light on the topic. If one approach keeps coming up over and over again from different guests it starts to stand out as something worth listening to.

If you were to start investing today with $10,000, what would you do?

  • What would you invest in?
    • Why that?
  • What accounts types what you use?
    • Why those?
  • Who should follow this advice?
  • Who shouldn’t follow it?

Contribute Next Steps

If this sounds like fun, try making a copy of The Focused Investor Template and filling it out. Whenever you’d like feedback, just share it with my (instructions in that doc) and then we can work together to get it scheduled!

All Focused Investors

Here’s a look at all contributions to The Focused Investor so far.


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