Weekend Reading – November 11, 2017

This week focuses on Epcot Food and Wine, investment planning, strategy and speculation and the options that having money provides.

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We’ve been hard at work here in Orlando preparing for our upcoming house sale and move to Utah, leading to a crazy schedule. Between having evenings with friends, company offsites and Epcot Food and Wine we’ve been busy most days and nights.

Every night has been spent painting and cleaning like crazy. We’re hoping to list our house for sale in the next week. Luckily, we’re still on target to be moved out to Salt Lake by the end of the month (!!) which will mean slimming down a bunch more things between now and then. Temporary housing is set up for the new city (fully furnished). The movers will store things for a month or two while we find a new place, which helps us not rush find something now. We’re excited, but know that there’s still a ton of work ahead of us.

Instead of working hard, we’ve been playing hard here in Orlando! After 17 years here for me, and even longer for Mrs. Minafi, we want to make sure we see all our friends before we leave town. As the date gets closer, we’ll need to buckle down and work more.


Epcot Sign
The entrance to Epcot is always themed out for the year.

Epcot Food and Wine

If you’ve never been out to Epcot Food and Wine in Orlando, it’s a ton of fun! FinCon next year just happens to coincide with F&W as well, but you’ll need to plan in advance if you want to make the most of it. Little things like going on a weekday rather than a weekend, knowing how much you’ll spend (which will likely be over $100 in food & wine + park admission + parking), and pre-reserving fast passes help make the most of it.

We’ve had park passes for the last 5 years, and F&W is our jam. It’s a ton of fun – and even better with friends.


Adam at Club Cool at Epcot
Adam at Club Cool at Epcot enjoying free soda from around the world.

Ultimate Guide to 2017 Epcot Food & Wine Festival – Disney Tourist Blog

Every year a number of Disney food blogs do a write up on the F&W for the year. It’s a big thing. Leading up to next F&W you’ll see a bunch of these rundowns as well. There are great tips on what’s new, what you shouldn’t miss and help to plan your trip.

DIY Investor Interview #2: Adam from Minafi.com – Turning Point Money

I did an interview with Turning Point Money recently highlighting my tactics for do-it-yourself investing. I really enjoyed the line of questioning in this one, that got to a good understanding of the major motivations in my investing strategy.

Writing a Financial Plan – The Financial Journeyman

Also on the investment kick, The Financial Journeyman wrote up a good post highlighting how to create a financial plan. I really like how this one is broken down into categories: budget, income, goals and protection, and then divided out further by stage in life.

“Money Options”: The Ability to Choose Your Adventure – Adventure Rich

Mrs. Adventure Rich posted a great post about how having money lets you choose your own path in life. Thinking about money as only something for retirement makes it easy for me to forget that it’s really about options and choosing a life you want.

The Difference Between Investing and Speculation – Get Rich Slowly

I hold a small amount of BitCoin (as a percent of my portfolio). I’m also not deluded enough to think of this as an investment. It has a chance it’ll make a ton of money, but it could also go down to absolutely nothing. This is absolutely speculation and my own rules for investing limit my speculation to 5% of my portfolio. This article by J.D. Roth reiterates that this is absolutely speculation and why.


The Minimal Investor
The Minimal Investor is a FREE 10-week email course.

The Minimal Investor Course – Minafi

While writing An Interactive Guide to Early Retirement and Financial Independence, I noticed that there was a growing need for learning the basics of do-it-yourself investing. This is a passion of mine, and it kicked off a free Minimal Investor Course series. This 10-week email course covers all the basics you need to know to get started investing: diversification, fees, fund placement, taxes, rebalancing and more. It’s about 50 pages of total text right now, and I’m hoping to turn it into a book next.

Next Up

This next week for us will be all about slimming down what we own to prepare for the movers. I’m interested to see how little stuff we can keep. For anyone who has moved and slimmed down, do you have any tips? Anything you wish you had kept? Or wish you had parted with earlier?

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