Do You Know What You Own?

Do you keep track of what you own in a list, or in your mind? I've tried both and while interesting for the initial understanding, they never proved useful long-term. How do you track your consumption?

June 27, 2017. 2 min read. 0 Comments
Medium Journaling is Minimalism

Why Medium got me back to writing. How they made writing fun and exciting by putting the focus on the most important part - writing.

June 26, 2017. 3 min read. 0 Comments

Spending money and time on what's new can harm your mental health and your wallet. Try resetting yourself to avoid novelty.

September 24, 2016. 2 min read. 0 Comments
Practice Poverty

A stoic technique for increasing gratitude used by Seneca was to set aside days to "experience" poverty. How could this technique change impact outlook?

September 12, 2016. 2 min read. 0 Comments
Want Streaks

A technique for delayed gratification and giving yourself permission to make purchasing decisions only after you have given them enough thought.

August 21, 2016. 2 min read. 0 Comments