New Fiat
Our New $6,000 Car

Since moving to Utah we’ve been trying to figure out what to do about this whole car thing. When we got to town, we had two cars: a 2012 Mazda 6 S and a 2013 Scion TC. Our past lives in Orlando required two vehicles to stay sane and cut down commutes in opposite directions. […]

September 17, 2018. 5 min read. 7 Comments
Adam at Lake Blanche Trail
My 49 Beliefs

It takes a while to understand where someone is coming from – usually years of reading someone's blog. In this post I put it all out there - my thoughts on everything from religion to politics, from education to finance and everything in between.

September 10, 2018. 5 min read. 13 Comments
How We Plan to Spend $80,000 a Year & Pay Nearly $0 Taxes

I'm always interested to hear how other people are minimizing their tax liability after retirement. Here is my personal strategy that we'll be using to reduce our taxes to nearly zero when we stop working. This approach sounds unrealistic, but you might be able to hit $0 in taxes too!

September 3, 2018. 9 min read. 18 Comments