Joy is a Skill, Remember to Practice It

Marie Kondo's "Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" invites us to ask a simple question of our possessions: "Does this spark joy?". Understanding if something sparks joy can take patience and practice - and has taken me years (so far).

September 25, 2017. 4 min read. 9 Comments
How I Learned to be Less Critical of Others

Without realizing it, I had slowly become more judgemental of others. This was negatively impacting my relationships without me even realizing it. This is how I realized this was a problem and started action to do better.

September 18, 2017. 3 min read. 1 Comment
How I Would (and Do) Invest $1 Million

The strategy I use to invest $1 million dollars is the same one I would recommend to others. Depending on your age the numbers will be slightly different, but you can use the formula in this post to find out what allocation I would recommend.

September 15, 2017. 5 min read. 17 Comments
Why I Don’t Blog Anonymously

Blogging about investing hits on very personal numbers that are sometimes considered taboo to discuss. I went back and forth on whether to be anonymous for this blog before eventually opting to blog as myself.

September 13, 2017. 2 min read. 13 Comments
Why Minafi’s Logo is a Torii

Torii gates are a symbol in Japan for the transition between the human world and spirit world. My hope is that when you see Minafi's logo it triggers a mindset shift - entering into a world of focus.

September 11, 2017. 2 min read. 5 Comments
The Minafi Money Map

A map of what accounts I currently use and how money flows from account to account. This includes a handful of credit cards, 4 bank accounts, and entirely too many investment locations.

September 7, 2017. 4 min read. 7 Comments
Why Write An Interactive Guide to FIRE?

Yesterday I published An Interactive Guide to Early Retirement and Financial Independence. This post took a long time to write - 6 weeks all told. In this post, I'll dive into why I went this route for this guide.

September 5, 2017. 2 min read. 0 Comments