The 6 People Who Inspire Me The Most

Those who have inspired me the most share a few similar characteristics. They're great writers and communicators who have a vision for the future and want more people in it with them.

August 31, 2017. 4 min read. 0 Comments
Foregoing Cultural Cognizance

Consuming news, social feeds and celebrity gossip can lead to information overload. Why do we do this to ourselves and what can we do about it.

August 25, 2017. 1 min read. 0 Comments
Create a Consumption Ledger

Are you feeling unproductive? Here's a simple strategy to try organizing time to understand how productive you are.

August 23, 2017. 2 min read. 2 Comments
Minimalist are not Nomads, but Nomads are Minimalists

There is a perception that minimalism means stripping possessions to the bare minimum needed to live. I find this description to be much different to what most minimalists think the term means. Here's my take on the difference between these two terms.

August 17, 2017. 2 min read. 0 Comments
How to Invest During a Bitcoin Bubble

Don't get swept into the irrational exuberance of a bubble and make a bad investment decision. If you're thinking about investing in bitcoin based on recent spikes, read about what you can do today.

August 15, 2017. 3 min read. 3 Comments
Weekend Reading – August 12, 2017

Weekend reading on decluttering your kitchen, what is minimalism?, calculating compound interest, reviewing time in retirement and recent books I've been reading.

August 12, 2017. 4 min read. 2 Comments
Our 7 Rules of Travel Spending

After a decade of traveling together, Mrs. Minafi and I have developed a set of travel rules we unofficially follow. These 7 rules have served us well on dozens of trips.

August 10, 2017. 3 min read. 16 Comments