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When you’re stuck thinking about something, and just want to stop, try this exercise for easing your mind.

Mindfulness exercise for reducing stress, getting something off your mind.

Have you ever had something weighing on your mind and just wanted it to go away? Maybe you were trying to go to sleep, and you couldn’t stop thinking about something that happened at work. Or maybe someone offended you and you just can’t let it go. For me, the opposite often happens — if I offend or let someone down, it’ll stick with me in a hard way.

For some of these a conversation with another party will be the way to help put the matter to rest, but if that’s not immediately possible, how do you let it go until then? Here’s an exercise you can try to help let go of what’s on your mind.

A Visualization

Imagine a newspaper. On it there is a headline related to what you’re thinking about. There is also a date on the newspaper in the future for a date that you want to readdress this topic. Now imagine that the newspaper is so close to your face that it is all you see.

This is where you are right now — with this subject overwhelming all of your thoughts. Imagine lowering the newspaper from your face, with the outside world starting to become visible. Once it’s down from your face, imagine putting the newspaper down.

Give yourself the permission not to worry right now. Trust yourself to know you’re not ignoring this. It can still be important to you, but know that if it’s harmful to your mental health, it’s important that you’re taking this step – both for your sake and for everyone you interact with.


  1. As someone with anxiety, I’ve done A LOT of research about copying with worry and agnst – but I’ve never come across this or anything like it… I LOVE IT! I’m sure something will pop up over the next few days twisting me into an angst…can’t wait to try this out 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! I was laying in bed, unable to sleep and this visualization came to me to help get to sleep. Hope it helps!

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